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Library recommended status!

I started the week with the amazing news, that my current children’s book – The Heavy Bag – is to be published in french by children’s publisher Editions Prunelle and have ended the week with some equally exciting news from Denmark!

My Danish publisher has informed me that – Den Tunge Rygsæk 🇩🇰🇩🇰 Straarup og Co has been given the ‘lektørudtalelse’ title which means it will be recommended by libraries to schools and families across Denmark


“A really nice picture book about the heavy feelings you can have when you lose a close family member, such as a grandfather. The book is full of expressive illustrations, and especially the large backpack and the whole metaphor around it makes an impression. Will be good as reading aloud for large kindergarten children or school children in the smallest classes, who have just lost one of their grandparents. The book can provide an entrance to talk about the difficult”

I am so incredibly proud and happy that the book is being recommended because it means it will reach as many children as possible!

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