The Heavy Bag

The Heavy Bag follows a little girl called Enid who has just lost her Granddad. As Enid goes out for a walk with lots of different emotions whooshing around inside her head she feels the weight of the heavy bag that she is carrying. Along her journey Enid comes across different kinds of people who encourage her to talk about how she is feeling, with each meeting she offloads an item from her bag that represents a stage of grief and talks about how she is feeling, inevitably as she takes each item from her bag, it feels lighter and she can walk along her journey easier.

“You’re carrying so much, it’s hard for you to walk. I’m happy you’ve shared and decided to talk.

Let me hold this for you and lighten your load. You are not alone as you walk this road.”


The Heavy Bag is a children’s book that looks at the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Sadness and Acceptance. Children can experience grief for a loved one, a pet or even moving on from a school or area. When all of the emotions build up inside a child’s mind they can feel like they are carrying around a huge weight with them.

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