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miniSTORY interview

The Heavy Bag cover

On the 7th of December, I was invited by my Romanian publisher, Curtea Veche to take part in a very special LIVE author interview. Run by Carturesti named the most beautiful bookstore in the world. I, alongside many other authors, were interviewed by child readers.

I had the most wonderful time as my interviewer had really studied – The Heavy Bag in its Romanian translation – Ghiodanul Cel Greu and although everything was completely LIVE, we managed to spend an hour in deep conversation about how I came to write The Heavy Bag.

Watch the video interview here

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Antwerp Bookfair

The Dutch version of my book – The Heavy Bag – was featured at the Antwerp Bookfair this year!

On the 7th of November, my Dutch publisher; Van Driel Publishing took – De Zware Rugzak to the Lees! het boeken festival in Antwerp.

Such a wonderful event that lasts for a week. However, unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions in place at that time, I was unable to attend … BUT 2022 is a new year and I’m feeling positive to attend this amazing author event. See you there!

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Copenhagen Bookfair

Copenhagen Bookfair (Bogforum) celebrated its 30th year anniversary on the weekend of the 7th of November and I was there – well in spirit and book anyway!

Den tunge rygsaek

My Danish publisher Straarup og Co took the Danish version of – The Heavy Bag – and presented Den Tunge Rygsaek to the Danish audience and literary enthusiasts.

I’m so grateful to receive films and photos of the event as it unfolded and some very lovely fellow authors kept in touch to let me know how it was going – how we have all managed to work our way around this pandemic is amazing!

Thank you to the author community.

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Chiswick Book Festival

On the 11th of September, I attended the Chiswick Book Festival with my literary agent AnnaKarin Klerfalk

Chiswick Book Festival
Chiswick Book Festival

Such a wonderful book event with some very inspiring author events. Book festivals are the heart of the book industry and have recently been affected due to the pandemic but, when put on safely and with respect, they are definitely worth attending for both authors and the public.

Here is to the Chiswick Book Festival 2022!

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The Heavy Bag – Short Film

I want to share with you the most amazing short film that has been produced by film-maker Cara Mia Petersen

One early morning in September, I ventured out with Cara and my 5-year-old daughter, taking a yellow Heavy Bag up to a misty forest, letting Cara then create her magic!

She depicted the theme of The Heavy Bag so beautifully! It transcends languages and communities.

Thank you Cara

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Soulbase Mag Interview – USA

My first American interview was with Soulbase Mag a beautiful magazine that ” is a connector between continents through stories, nature, food and the other themes we explore. We connect passionate people from around the world because we believe we are all an inspiration”.

Soulbase magazine is run by the hugely talented Annika Bielig Bussmann who is originally from Germany now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she curates and publishes her magazine, highlighting female talents from around the world.

The Heavy Bag - Cover Page
The Heavy Bag – Cover Page
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The Heavy Bag – Telegraph article

The Telegraph featured myself as an author and my book – The Heavy Bag. The article spoke about the children affected by grief due to Covid and how The Heavy Bag is being used in Primary schools across the UK and Europe. I was very honoured to be featured in such a huge national paper and very grateful for the coverage to bring this emotional support book to the attention of all those who need it.

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Leben und Tod Festival

The Heavy Bag - Cover Page

Leben und Tod (Life & Death Festival) featured my interview with them as a guest author. I wasn’t sure how this German festival would play out but I have to tell you … it was beautiful! The creative community came together and offered their stories, books, drama and art; to a huge audience across Germany! We had one aim, to open up the conversation about Death which ultimately made people consider Life.

I was approached by the founder Meike Wengler to discuss the German version of – The Heavy Bag and how my children’s book is being used across Germany in collaboration with UNICEF and within hospices, charities and grundschuls.

I was honoured to interview live for them and discuss my thoughts surrounding the theme of my book – Die Schwere Tasche.