I’m Sarah Surgey! A children’s author of books that inspire growth and understanding.

I am an SCBWI children’s author who is based in the UK but published worldwide. How is this possible? Well, alongside working with some amazing children’s publishers in the UK, I also write in-house for publishers in France and Belgium. On top of this, my books have been acquired into 16 different languages and used in collaboration with NGOs such as UNICEF & Voices of Children (Ukraine). As you can tell, language is not a barrier for me. Not because I’m a polyglot … No, far from it! But, because I believe in the ‘Lingua Franca’ of children’s stories! I’ve ventured out into the global market of children’s books with each country bringing new experiences and a few NEW BOOKS along the way.

My degree is a BA Honours in English language & literature, so there is also a bit of theory behind my creativity! I’ll try not to bore you too much.

You will mostly find me under my 4 cats, picking off fur from my clothes as I erratically write down all of the children’s stories that fill my head. You may also find me occasionally coming out of the hazy shadows and plunging myself knee-deep into the Social Media frenzy of Instagram. Here, I engage with, and sometimes offer tips to the wonderful ‘Kid Lit’ community! We are an introverted bunch so it’s safer in numbers. My four daughters keep me in check to make sure that I don’t embarrass our family too much – especially since I have learned how to make a reel!

So if you happen to be in a bookstore in the UK, America, Australia, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, India, France, or Outer Mongolia (guess the lie) … Do ask for one of my books!

At my most social, you will find me presenting at children’s book festivals, on school visits, or the occasional podcast/radio show, otherwise catch me on Hello@sarahsurgey.com

Thanks for stopping by!

For all enquiries please contact my agent, Anne Paris-Gazarian